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Childhood through Diverse Lenses

Tuesday 14th June 2022
1 to 4 pm GMT/UTC; 3 to 6 pm CET

The Alliance for Childhood would like to invite you to a celebration of the 25 years since our founding in June 1997.

The festival will be an on-line event hosted by the Alliance for Childhood-European Network Group (ENG) in Brussels. This festive event will also be the ENG’s 85th QoC- session, bringing attention to the needs and potentials of childhood. QoC or Quality of Childhood sessions are held in the Parliament building of the European Union.

The festive online-event will include world-wide presentations, breakout groups and art as well as contributions from children and young people. Along with short reminiscences from the past we will consider the tasks for the present and the future. All in a mood of celebration that through our work and focus on the quality of childhood we can, together, make a difference to children!s lives, and with and through them have a positive effect on our troubled world.

The Alliance focuses on Childhood itself as a source of hope, imagination, trust and compassion and the cradle in which the foundation of our humanness takes root. But the world rapidly changes and brings new challenges to our doorstep. We need each other to understand the complexity of these diverse realities and to get the inspiration for developing new ways forward.
Children are the co-creators of our world and the qualities of childhood that we all retain throughout our lives are together a resource for positive development and hope. We want to celebrate these ideals and their practical implications with everybody who shares them.

We welcome your participation in creating something special that would help renew our colleagueship and revive our spirits in such times of darkness. The event is free and registration will be available from March 31 through our website

If you have any questions or suggestions you can write to us. 


Looking forward to meeting you!


The preparation group Christopher Clouder, Marion Briggs, Penny Wilson and Clara Aerts