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Childhood through Diverse Lenses

Tuesday 14th June 2022


About the Festival



Here is a video recording of the presentations at the Anniversary Celebration.



The festival is an on-line event hosted by the Alliance for Childhood-European Network Group (ENG) in Brussels. This festive event will also be the ENG’s 85th QoC- session, bringing attention to the needs and potentials of childhood. Quality of Childhood (QoC) sessions are usually held in the Parliament building of the European Union in Brussels around four times a year and are hosted by the sitting MEPs who act as our patrons. Covid has, of course, interfered with this rhythm but
we have found that using Zoom has increased our reach. We are hoping to be back in person in Brussels this September but seeing how useful the technology has served us in the intervening period, we hope to create hybrid events in the future. Added to which our presentations will be available on our YouTube channel from now on.


The programme includes world-wide presentations, breakout groups and art as well as contributions from children and young people. Along with short reminiscences from the past we will consider the tasks for the present and the future. All in a mood of celebration that through our work and focus on the quality of childhood we can, together, make a difference to children!s lives, and with and through them have a positive effect on our troubled world. Presenters include Tim Gill from the UK, Maria Belen Paz from Bolivia, Jane Hankel from Australia and Olena Shyyan from Ukraine.



If you have any questions or suggestions you can write to us. 


Looking forward to meeting you!


The preparation group



See the presentations

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