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Universal Childrens Day 2016


Where do children play?

The Anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which states that children have the right to play ( article 31 ) and that they have the right to be heard ( article 12 )


20th of November 2016

Venue - anywhere children like to play - in your street, in the woods, in an adventure playground.

Would you like to join


Information about UK events, including the London conference, click here


What you can do


You can help to organise a play day in your community for the children who are closest to you. It can be in a morning, an afternoon or a day for children to play. Create time for free play, unstructured play in adventure playgrounds, parks, fields, woodland, streets or alternatively in spaces for games, music, visual arts, theatre, dance, circus, reading or storytelling. Whatever the weather, children love to play.


Fill in the form below to register or email your nearest co-ordinator ( list still being compiled ).


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