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The Fourth International Alliance for Childhood Conference 2010

Budapest, Hungary

13-16 October 2010




Our Hosts


 Wonderfully organised by Andrea Liszka (pictured right) of the Hungarian Waldorf Fellowship (Waldorf Hàz), the general atmosphere was one of excitement and openness.

 The lecturers and workshop leaders were well received and the workshops eagerly attended. The pace of events from the beginning was good and the audience attentive to every word. The translation team was tireless and quick; their seamless efforts contributing greatly to making the talks and workshops very accessible.


Conference Report

Letter from Lívia JÁRÓKA MEP

Report on speakers and workshops



Martine Delfos, ‘Let's Game: The Virtual Development of Children’

Martina Leibovici-Mühlberger Mind and Body altering Media – The Impact of Modern Media on our Children

Geseke Lundgren, ‘Development Towards Freedom: Childhood as the Source of Creativity’

Bernard Rorke The Case of Roma Children in the European Union

Ann Sharfman, 'Poverty and Exclusion' 


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