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World Play Week (WPW) has been held by the Alliance for Childhood in Brazil since 2009 through the engagement of its centres, members and other partners and stakeholders throughout Brazil. At its heart is the objective of making society aware of the importance of playing in children's development, of play as a children’s right, and to create opportunities for play.

As of 2018, WPW was expanded to the 9 Central and Spanish speaking South American countries in which the organisation Terre des Hommes, Germany (tdh-G) is present, through integration with regional tdh-G programmes and participation of tdh-G partner organisations in the following countries: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

World Play Week in Central and South America has been carried out with the same methodology used by the Alliance for Childhood in Brazil: a proposal with date, theme and inspiration materials is published. based on this proposal, each partner organisation, with the support of tdh-G regional coordinators, plans, develops and puts into practice activities that have to do with their territory, experience, expertise and audience.

SMB in Latin America is an initiative that raises awareness about play and that places the right to play as a powerful tool for a culture of peace and non-violence, and as an important element for the healthy development of children and youth.

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