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Alliance for Childhood in Brazil !
World Play Week


In 2023, World Play Week (WPW) reached impressive numbers of participation and outreach. The initiative promoted by the Alliance for Childhood in Brazil registered 783 activities that took place in 231 different cities throughout Brazil around a common theme: Nature in Play. 


The WPW goal is to celebrate the importance of free play for child development, and to remember that it is part of children's rights. The event has been held since 2009 by the Alliance for Childhood in Brazil and since 2014 it has the support of terre des hommes - Germany, an important partner of the movement. This year's event, held from May 20th to 28th, had as its core to encourage children's connection with the natural environment through free play, understanting that free play is in children's nature, awakening curiosity, creativity and care for the environment.


Although not mandatory, those who organise activities during World Play Week are encouraged to complete a registration form made available by the Alliance for Childhood. This allows the activities to be included in the national schedule published on the website and on the organisation’s social networks, expanding dissemination and strengthening the World Play Week as a common agenda.


This year, the form gathered 563 unique entries, which registered 783 activities in 231 different cities. It is worth noting that, as in previous years, all proposed activities were free of charge, ensuring inclusive access for children from different social contexts.
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